Sunday, 18 March 2012

Burns Guitars

My band that I left back home in Canada, The Reverb Syndicate, is coming over to join me in the UK in April for our second UK tour…
As a bit of an homage to The Shadows, we bought Burns guitars and basses.
Here’s a quick snapshot of them together…
Burns Three

Saturday, 3 March 2012

London Roller Girls Double-Header

Well, we’ve been living in the UK almost four months now, and only just made it to our first roller derby bout!  (To be fair, I think there’s only been one or two since we got here).

The UK derby teams sure know how to put a game on.  They had bean-bag chairs, people.  Bean-bag chairs!  Amazing.

The first game saw the Central City Roller Girls from Birmingham take on London’s Harbour Grudges.  Game two was a nail-biter, with Steam Rollers narrowly beating out the Ultraviolent Femmes.

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